• Jennifer L. Salter

    When you work with me, you sign on to the vast experience and knowledge base only a veteran of the fitness industry can offer – often with life-changing results.  I am celebrating 26 years in practice!

    • Registered Social Worker, Ontario (RSW)
    • Master of Social Work Degree (MSW)
    • Bachelor Degree (Honours Psychology)
    • Gold Certified Medical Exercise Specialist (ACE)
    • Certified Post Rehabilitation Conditioning Specialist (AAHFRP)
    • Certified Personal Trainer (ACE)
    • Certified Health Coach (ACE)
    • Certified in First Aid, CPR, and AED
    • Master Member, IDEA Health and Fitness Association
    • Member, Canadian Association of Fitness Professonals
    • Member, Ontario Association of Social Workers
    • Subject Matter Expert (SME), American Council on Exercise (ACE)


  • I am 72 and have a history of strokes.  My son contacted Jennifer to see if she would be able to help me with becoming stronger in my everyday activities, as well as help my balance and gait which have been affected by the strokes.  My memory and cognition have also been affected, and my son was hoping Jennifer would be able to work well with me in light of her experience with older adults.  I...

    L.S., Retired